Welcome to the Home page of Case-It!

Serving southern California's display needs for over 20

Manufacturers of custom-
Display cases,store fixtures, museum fixtures, exhibits, trade show
Scale models, prototype mock-ups, even custom furniture
Our craftspeople possess the highest skill levels in all
phases of exhibit and display building. We can build
virtually anything and ship it anywhere.
Established in 1984
Pictured above is a mock-up of
the Bay Area Rapid Transit
system's Smart Card ticket fare
machine, produced for Cubic
Corp. by Case It.

Case-It! can design, build and ship whatever it is you need. We
can reproduce an item you find here or if you prefer, we can build
to your own custom specifications. Let us add you to our list of
happy clients.

Wood, metal, glass, plastic and fabric. Case-It! is a true
multi-media manufacturing company.
Pictured below-
Is the arched entryway and DNA scale model produced by
Case-It! and installed as part of a new exhibition on DNA at the
Birch Aquarium in La Jolla California.
Display cases by
Case It
at Lindbergh Field
San Diego
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